Fish of the Month March - Glowlight Tetra

community aquarium tetra

Glowlight tetra

Hemigrammus erythrozonus

The Glowlight Tetra, like many other small Tetra species, are a fantastic addition to any aquarium. When kept in groups (larger the better) they provide movement and a dash of colour across the backdrop of aquatic plants. Although, they can have a tendency to become a little shy if kept with larger and more boisterous fish. For this reason, we recommend housing them with peaceful fish such as Apistogramma, Plecos, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi and other small non-threatening species.

To understand why they have the name ‘Glowlight Tetra’ we must provide them with the correct conditions within the aquarium. To achieve this, we recommend an aquarium with a darker substrate soil, lots of natural hiding places provided by rocks and wood with many aquatic plants. This setup will enhance their neon colouring and promote shoaling behaviours too. 

Glowlight Tetra

The diet of the Glowlight Tetra is very inclusive. They will eat almost anything provided to them. Live foods combined with frozen and dry options will make sure you get the best possible colouring and health.

An egg-scattering species much like other Tetras, provides the fishkeeper with a great breeding project. It can be difficult to spot females and as such, we suggest setting up a dedicated breeding tank. Add a small group and keep an eye out for the ones that become larger, these tend to be the females when filled with eggs. A substrate containing small marbles or large gravel provides a refuge for any eggs that are dropped during spawing. Removing the adults at the right time can also increase the survival rate of fry.


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