Return Policy

Here at The Fish Room we know people can be pretty apprehensive about shopping online. So because of that our return policy is here to make your online shopping with us a safe, easy and reliable experience.

What we will do

We will replace any product that is damaged in transit- it is not your fault it turned up that way, so why should you be left with a broken product? However you must make contact via email within 24 hours of it arriving.

We will replace any faulty product. Faulty means it does not work the way it is meant to. A light does not light a heater does not heat. It does not mean the food your fish will not eat or the filter that does not fit under your cabinet.

Live Plant Policy

If you choose our premium freight option for plants.
We offer a 100% arrive alive policy.  All we need from you is an email within 12 hours of getting them  with a photo of the damaged plants

If your plants arrive damaged or dead we will replace them, refund you for them or credit them for you, 100% every time as long as you follow these instructions! 


We will not be able to refund, replace or credit you for your plants if they are damaged in transit. 

The plants that have turned up look different to the photos that are on your website. Have you sent me the wrong plants? 

The plants that we get from our commercial growers have been grown emersed 99% of the time. This means that they are grown out of the water and often take a different form to the submersed one that you expected. Rest assured, your plants will convert to submerged and look how you expected them too. 

Being that these are natural products, there is likely to be natural variation in colours and sizes, for this reason we use stock photos on our plant listings. 

Live Fish and Snails 

Please take a photo of your fish or snails in the bag it came in within 12 hours of its arrival and either send us an email to or a send it to us on Facebook and we will arrange a refund for you. We offer a 100% no questions refund for any fish or snail that has arrived dead as long as you follow these instructions. It is as simple as that. Freight charges are not refunded.