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Aqua One Permanent Co2 Test Kit

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Co2 Permanent test kit is designed unit for attaching inside the aquarium which permanently displays the pH value or the CO2 content of the aquarium water.

The pH-level indicates the acidity of the water. The higher the pH-level, the less acid is in the water, the proportion of alkali is higher (the opposite of acids). The lower the pH-level, the more acid the water contains. In aquariums and ponds the following levels are desirable.

Community aquariums: pH: 6,5 – 7,5

CO2 Indicator Freshwater
1 x 10ml Bottle
5 Drops per Test
1 x Test Vial

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amber ranganui
Handy device

Wish I had discovered this earlier as its really great to have it there so I can just look at it at a glance.

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