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Aquarium First Aid Kit

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The Aquarium First Aid kit is designed to be a complete set of treatments and medications on hand for you when you have a fish emergency. Keep it in your aquarium cabinet for the rainy day.

It contains
1x 118ml API Pimafix
1x 118ml API Melafix
1x 50ml Tonic
1 x Catappa Leaf
1x 600g bag of tonic Salt
1 x Satchel of Furan-2
1 x dose of fluke and wormer treatment (5% flubendazole) enough for a 300L aquarium.

As always, when buying a The Fish Room bundle pack you save BIG.
Buying the Aquarium First Aid Kit will save you over 15% compared to buying the products alone.

Be prepared, have the Aquarium First Aid Kit on hand at all times!