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Awesome Aquarium Arsenal

Awesome Aquarium Arsenal

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The Awesome Aquarium Arsenal is a monthly box of gear, to keep your aquarium going.  


It is designed to get you through each month.


Every box will contain at lest 5 aquarium related products. The items that you’ll receive could include an aquarium gadget or tool, a natural aquarium decoration, a new type of fish food, medication, fertilizers or some type of water chemistry additive, plant care products, filter media along with other supplies.


We will vary what is in the box month by month so you get to try new things, find things that you like and works for you and your aquarium.



Each month you’ll get more retail value than what you paid for.  


As I’m sure you can imagine, for an aquarium lover, this will be like Xmas every single month!


* Photo is an example box as each box changes monthly.Props not included.