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Bacopa Caroliniana

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With its ability to grow in water, Bacopa Caroliniana is a popular aquarium plant for beginners. Related to the Monnieri species.

Found in Marshes, submersed as well as emersed, its origins lie in the USA. It can even grow in brackish (slightly salty) conditions, such as river estuaries. It grows 10 – 30 cm ( 4 - 12 inches) in height. This stem plant is a slow-growing species, where it needs lots of light as it enjoys the occasional gentle tan session. When used in aquariums, it grows better when fertilised with micro and macronutrients. It prefers a clean and nutrient-rich environment. It may flower underwater, though blossoms would soon rot. It will also grow above water with similar but waxy leaves. CO2 fertilisation is not necessary. Propagate through cuttings.

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