Buenos Aires Tetra
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Buenos Aires Tetra

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Buenos Aires tetra

Hyphessobrycon anisitsi


Native Location: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uraguay

Climate: Subtropical

Maximum Size: 6cm

Temperament: Boisterous and known fin-nipper

Diet: omnivore

Breeding: Moderate

Temperature Range: 16-28℃ (61-82.5-℉)

Preferred pH Range: 5.5-8.5

Minimum Aquarium Size: 90cm x 30cm for group of 10


Potential Tankmates: Rainbowfish make great tank mates. For a cooler setup, White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Avoid long-fined fish.

Care Level: Easy


The Buenos Aires Tetra are a great species for the planted tank.  Their bright red fins dash around the aquarium constantly while the males jostle with each other in the hope of gaining the females attention. We recommend having a group of 10+ Buenos Aires Tetra in any aquarium. They are boisterous and have a reputation for nipping fins so keeping a large enough group will keep them busy.

Technically classed as a subtropical species, the Buenos Aires Tetra is right at home in lower temperatures and should not be kept at the higher end of the range noted above for too long.

Feeding time can be fun due to their natural foraging instinct. In the wild, they swim amongst leaf litter and plants picking off unsuspecting crustaceans and insects. You can offer live foods like daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworm and enjoy watching them catch and eat their meal. A balance between live, frozen and dry foods can be provided for best results.

As for breeding, the Buenos Aires Tetra, like most Tetra, are egg scatterers who who absolutely no parental care at all. A breeder aquarium with low lighting and large grade gravel (marbles work very well too) as a substrate. The fertilised eggs will fall down into the gaps and allow the fry to hatch without the adults eating them. The spawning process usually lasts up to 4 hours and fry should appear within 3 days.

The Buenos Aires Tetra are a lively little fish with lots of character, colour and bags of energy. They are always the centre of attention in any aquarium.

Each of our fish have been quarantined on arrival for 2 weeks to allow treatment for any disease. All fish are treated with flubendazole and must be eating regularly before being moved into our main shop system ready for sale.

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Awesome fish

Awesome schooling fish wish I brought more

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