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Earthworms LIVE

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Earthworms are a nutritious food for reptiles. They are particularly good for larger reptiles, as they can help them to gain weight if they are looking malnourished, thin, or suffering from health problems and deficiencies. Earthworms are succulent and juicy, with plenty of natural moisture.

Also suitable for larger fish like arowana and oscars


To ensure your live food arrives to you as healthy and fresh as possible, we order our live food supply at the end of the week (Midnight Sunday). Please expect delivery of your food the week after you order it. 

Customer Reviews

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tiny earthworms

Since I don’t like complaining I hadn’t responded to the multiple review requests; but the purchase wasn’t great to be honest. It wasn’t the cost, nor the communication or delivery, just the product. The worms arrived and the tub was very smelly (I’ve ordered worms online before and never smelled off like this one). Noticed some dead ones and wasn’t sure if they were decaying; there were also a few bugs in there with them, and so was weary of putting them in my worm bin. Aside from that, they didn’t really look like earthworms and if they are, they were very very small – just like red tiger worms. I specifically wanted bigger worms for fishing so went with earthworms but can’t use them and was weary of putting them in our worm farm due to the state of the package.


frederick sundram
Great supplier of live earthworms

Ordered the earthworms online and they arrived in good time and in good condition in a sealed plastic container with mesh - it was very secure and the earthworms could only come out when the lid was opened. The earthworms were from a single species (eisenia andrei) and of note, there were a mixture of adults and smaller worms including some very tiny worms that are almost transparent and appear white due to the plastic container they come in - make sure to wash out the container with water and empty into soil as there are several young earthworms (transparent/white) you might not spot but will grow up in time. Great purchase and will buy again.

Emma D
First time live earthworm buyer

I ordered a 40g container of earthworms and was very impressed with the amount of worms in the container. The worms arrived alive and were packaged in a plastic container with a hole cut in the lid secured with mesh, to allow air flow and prevent the worms from escaping. This was then wrapped in bubble wrap. Since purchasing the earthworms they have breed like crazy, so I just keep splitting the colony. Beware they do need a secure lid to prevent them escaping. I thought I could get away with just placing a lid on top of the container, the next morning I had escapee worms on the floor (yuck!)

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