Eheim Jager 300 Watt Heater
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Eheim Jager 300 Watt Heater

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With the EHEIM precision heater your fish receive exactly the right temperature – in any aquarium.

Obvious ideas often are the best ones. For example, the aquarium heater as a rod. The heating rod is simply hung in the water and heats it. It is true that the principle is still the same as decades ago. But a lot has changed in the meantime. And today the EHEIM adjustable heater is an ultra-modern electronic thermal device with the best available technology. A jacket made from special laboratory glass increases the heating surface, serves as a heat shield and ensures optimum even heat emission.

Min. temperature 18.00 C
Max. temperature 34.00 C
Performance at 50 Hz 300.00 watt
For aquariums of about. 600.00 l
For aquariums up to approx. 1,000.00 l
Height 506.00 mm
Dimensions in 36.00 mm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes

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