Electric Blue Acara
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Electric Blue Acara

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Electric Blue Acara

Andinoacara pulcher


Native Location: Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela

Climate: Tropical

Maximum Size: Up to 15cm

Temperament: Peaceful (with caution)

Diet: omnivore

Breeding: Easy

Temperature Range: 22-28℃ (72-82.3-℉)

Preferred pH Range: 6.5-8.0

Minimum Aquarium Size: 120cm x 30cm for a pair.


Potential Tankmates: Peaceful Cichlids of the same size, Corydoras and plecos. Do not house with fish small enough to be eaten.


Care Level: Easy


The Blue Acara looks as if it should be more at home in a saltwater aquarium. The wonderful shimmering aqua blue colour stands out in any aquarium, especially under lower lighting or the shade of some floating plants. Although a sizeable Cichlid, they are not known for aggression and can be housed in a large aquarium with other similar sized non-aggressive Cichlids without concern.

To set up the ideal aquarium for these gorgeous fish, there are some simple requirement that should be met. Floating plants provide shade from the light above. The Electric Blue Acara prefers lower lighting settings. This will also bring out the vibrant colour even more. A substrate of silica sand with the addition of some driftwood and smooth river stones will create the ideal environment. Creating lots of caves and areas for exploring will keep your fish busy. They are naturally inquisitive fish who can be a little harsh on plants so we advise only sturdy species such as Anubias that can be attached to the wood or rock will do.

Water quality is very important and the Blue Acara does not tolerate dirty water so maintenance needs to be on point while the use of a strong external filter is a must.

Your Blue Acara will eat pretty much anything provide but does have a preference for the meaty foods. Providing a mixture of live foods like bloodworm along with a quality cichlid pellet and the occasional frozen food as a treat.


If you are looking for a breeding project and fancy something a little bigger, the Electric Blue Acara is a perfect choice. Probably one of the easiest cichlids to breed as long as you provide the right conditions. Ideally, begin with a group of six fish, allow them to naturally pair off. Once you have identified a pair, place them in a breeding aquarium with a water temperature of 77℉. Begin the conditioning by increasing their food. Lots of frozen or live foods will get them ready for spawning. Eggs will be attached to a rock or wood surface  and will hatch around 5 days later. Parents will care for the fry for around 2 weeks afterwards.

We strongly recommend giving the Electric Blue Acara a go if you have the aquarium space. You will not be disappointed.


Each of our fish have been quarantined on arrival for 2 weeks to allow treatment for any disease. All fish are treated with flubendazole and must be eating regularly before being moved into our main shop system ready for sale.

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Karen Hieatt

Still juveniles so will be growing into their colours - but the most personable fish - they always come out to see me and wiggle with excitement - love these guys

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