Oase Biomaster Range
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Oase Biomaster Range

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The ultimate convenience among the external filters for aquariums. The external filter meets the highest demands in water filtration and filter cleaning. The combination of highly effective biological filtering with Hel-X and mechanical/biological cleaning with filter sponges ensures healthy and clear aquarium water. The BioMaster is suitable for aquariums with a volume of 250 to 850 litres. No complete cleaning needed: the EasyClean pre-filter chamber enables convenient filter cleaning. The automatic shut-off and safety lock prevent unwanted water leaks, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module. A practical venting button makes the water suction highly effective and allows for a quick and convenient start. The complete set includes filter media, hoses, adapters, suction and discharge pipes as well as the water diffuser. The BioMaster is available with or without an adjustable heater.


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Heidi Millard
Great but room for improvement

The pull out prefilter design is a brilliant idea and why I went for the Oasis Biomaster 850 along with the ability to have the heater in the filter. My tank looks much better without the heaters inside and the internal filter. After some modification (see below) it's quiet with great flow.

It replaced an Aqua one 1100 as it fit inside the oak cabinet backed up by an in tank Fluval. So what can they do better.
1. Replace the plastic media with at least something similar to biomax https://thefishroom.co.nz/products/bio-max-filter-media-325gm
2. Provide more media and less foam for the trays.
3. Provide better quality output pipe it is thin plastic and joins together with a piece of clear plastic hose. Far worse quality than the ones that came with the Aqua One 1100.
4. Maybe a bit more controversial but the intake/prefilter tube diameter seems too small with too few holes. After following this chaps advice the filter is quiet with good flow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujIQ9Kb1fPo
Hope this is helpful.

Jade G
High Quality Canister Filter

Man what a high quality product this is, I got the internal heater for it aswell, its also super quiet, primes easily. Great feature having the easy clean pre filter aswell. Overall a well thought out product, well worth the money.

Hazel Persson
Biomaster 250

Very quick service thanks. Filter is excellent.

Tom Stone
When is the awesome returning?

Big question is when is the new stock arriving! Second tank is awaiting!

Tristan Cooke
Biomaster 600

Impressed so far! Having a 30cm plus plec makes a mess. Pre~filter makes things so much easier.
Great service from The Fish Room!

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