Pea Puffer aka Murder Beans
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Pea Puffer aka Murder Beans

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Carinotetraodon Travancoricus

The Pygmy Pea Puffer


Native Location: Western India


Climate: Tropical


Maximum Size: 1 inch (2.5cm)


Temperament: Micro Agressive


Diet: Carnivore


Breeding: Moderate


Temperature Range: 71.6–81.5°F (22-25.5°C)


Preferred pH Range:


Minimum Aquarium size: Minimum 80l for group of 8


Potential Tank mates: Species only setup advised


Care Level: Moderate.


The Pea Puffers are 100% freshwater fish that can be found in several rivers Southern and western India. Unlike almost all other Puffer species, the Pea Puffers are shoaling fish. Being so small, they are under constant threat from many predators in and around their habitat. While they are undoubtedly on the menu for many fish, they are in fact ‘micro’ predators themselves. Spending all of their time hiding and hunting amongst the ample leaf litter and vegetation looking for small crustaceans and insects such as copepods, larvae and so on.

Setting up an aquarium for these little ‘Murder beans’ is not too demanding. Even in the aquarium, they enjoy the safety of numbers and it is advised to keep them in groups. Providing a sandy substrate covered in leaf litter and lots of aquarium plants  will create a habitat filled with hiding places and crevices to hunt for food. They especially enjoy the addition of aquatic mosses when looking for micro organisms to graze upon.

Don’t let them hunt for all of their food however, offer a variety of live foods and high protein frozen foods to ensure your puffers are healthy and happy. The occasional small ramshorn snail can be offered as a treat but be sure to remove any uneaten remains.


As small as they are, they will soon begin to interact with you in attempts to get fed. The Pea Puffer recognise who feed them by the repeated actions around the aquarium and will eventually greet you with their best puppy dog eyes and sad looking little faces.

Sadly, they have been added to the IUCN vulnerable red list due to their habitat being slowly destroyed. However, it is possible to breed them in the home aquarium. Males will chase females until she lays eggs on moss or a similar surface allowing males to fertilise them. If breeding, it is wise to remove the parents before the eggs hatch to avoid them from being eaten.

The Pygmy Pea Puffers have become very popular within the hobby overt the last few years and rightly so. They are cute, interesting and full of character. Who wouldn’t like them?

All our fish are quarantined on arrival for two weeks. During this time, they are treated for any possible diseases and given a complete health check  to make sure they are health, happy and eating well before being placed in our display aquariums, ready for sale.

Customer Reviews

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Emma D
Murder Beans

Arrived happy and healthy. Very personable (always coming up to the glass asking for food! haha). They get along great with my other pea puffers (I was worried about this as it's not always a good idea to add more peas to an established setup, so I re-scaped the tank prior to adding the new peas allowing new territories to be established). If anything the addition of the new pea puffers has made my original peas more confident as they are out more now. I feed live foods; daphnia, white worms, earthworms and snails (most of which I have bought from the Fishroom).

McKayla Fitzpatrick
Pea puffers

arrived healthy, once they got put in with my other one they got along great and eat really well

Matt Bolter
Pea Puffer

Arrived very healthy. Weren't fussy and even seemed to accept vibrabites, though I am primarily feeding snails. Great fish with an amazing personality.

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