Reef Revolution Polyp Feast
Reef Revolution Polyp Feast
Reef Revolution

Reef Revolution Polyp Feast

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Polyp Feast

A concentrated blend of specifically selected marine plankton strains that have been sustainably aquacultured to have no impact on the world’s oceans. Polyp Feast contains particles of various sizes, feeding all corals with a high protein diet. Gives great polyp extension whilst also feeding corals for accelerated growth and better coloration.
Reef Revolution Polyp Feast is a carefully selected mix of zooplankton. Polyp Feast is designed to stimulate corals feeding response. Polyp Feast will increase the photosynthesis process in the coral and boosting Zooxanthellae population for optimal coral growth and coloration. Polyp Feast can be used with all filter feeding coral.

Available in 60g and 120g containers Polyp Feast is 100% Australian owned and made


Replace caska seal and twist cap after every use.
Store in a cool dry place.
Please recycle jar when the product is finished.


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