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Pro-Bio Blast

A concentrated blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains in one easy to use bottle. Promotes a healthy bacterial base for stability and coral consumption.
Ideal for establishing new tanks, replenishing bacteria lost from disrupting substrate or media, re-establishing bacteria lost from treatments and reducing nutrients leading to algae growth.

Pro-Bio Blast can be used to accelerate the cycling process on a new Aquarium.

The highly concentrated blend of nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria strains to maintain stability and quickly converts NH3>NO2-N02> NO3 then N03>Nitrogen Gas, best used as a daily probiotic to keep a healthy bacteria population & to promote stable parameters to avoid fish death & coral bleaching. Suitable for all types of Marine Aquariums.

Available in 100ml bottles, must be refrigerated after opening.

Treats 10,000 Liters of aquarium water.


Nitrifying bacteria

Denitrifying bacteria