Sera iron-Test (Fe)

Sera iron-Test (Fe)

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Makes it easy to monitor the iron level in fresh and marine water

Iron (Fe) is an important component of plant nutrition. In case the plants have fading leaves this may be due to lacking iron.

The sera Fe-Test provides quick information about possible deficiencies. Directed fertilization with sera florena or sera florenette immediately counteracts the deficiency. Detection of chelatized (stabilized) iron is possible.

Freshwater Tank:

Iron (Fe) is important for the formation of leaf green (chlorophyll). If there is a lack of iron, the plants will show significant so-called iron chlorosis with a bright, pale leaf color and leaf veins staying visibly green, which is best seen in new growths. Iron is ideally added to a planted aquarium with an complete iron fertilizer. Together with other important trace elements such as manganese, boron and zinc, but also with nutrients such as potassium, the need for micro-nutrients and, at least in some parts, for macro=-nutrients is covered. The Fe content can be determined using Sera FE water test. This is partly due to the nutrient stabilization of the respective liquid fertilizer.

Marine Tank:

In many reef tanks, the only supplements added are calcium and a source of alkalinity (and all of the chemical impurities that come along with these additives and, of course, food). No others, it would seem, are mandatory for keeping many organisms. There is one other supplement, however, that has proven itself to be very useful in many reef tanks: iron. Specifically, it has proven itself to be useful in applications involving tanks with substantial growths of macroalgae.

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