Shubunkin Goldfish (Carassius auratus)
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Shubunkin Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

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Native Location: Asia

Climate: Coldwater

Maximum Size: 30cm (12 inches)

Temperament: Peaceful

Diet: Omnivore

Breeding: Beginner

Temperature Range: 18 – 21℃ (65 – 70℉)

Preferred pH Range: 6 - 8

Minimum Aquarium Size: 200L (50 gallons)

Potential Tankmates:  Comet Goldfish

Care Level: Easy


This common variety of Goldfish is an attractive breed due to their spotted colours, of red, yellow, orange, blue, white, and black combinations. They are hardy fish that will not easily fall ill.


Like other Goldfish, Shubunkin is not a picky eater. As they are omnivores, they will try eating everything you drop into the water. High-quality dried foods are best; pellet and flake goldfish foods is fine too. An occasional treat of live and frozen foods, like bloodworms, would be happily accepted. As they need to consume a high volume of food, it can be easier than you would think to overfeed them. A general rule is to feed them as much food as they can eat in 2 – 4 minutes. Avoid giving Shubukin aggressive or slow tankmates. Since Shubukin is a fresh, cold-water fish, they need to be with species that can handle those temperatures. Shubunkin themselves are highly social and active creatures. Even though Shubukin is a peaceful fish, they can become aggressive during feeding times.


Like many other breeds of Goldfish, they will love exploring your tank. Watch them as they scavenge through your live vegetation for decomposing matter or leftover food. Shubunkins love to act a little, like bottom-dwellers. Whether you keep Shubukin in a tank or pond, you will need a high-quality filtration system. In proper Goldfish style, Shubukin produces a lot of waste, heightening the amount of ammonia and nitrate level of their environment. They also enjoy waters with movement. Use medium size gravel for the substrate. If you want live vegetation, they will need to be anchor down securely to avoid Shubukin uprooting them. A couple of smooth rocks or driftwood are acceptable décor. Shubunkin needs a lot of open space. Many people keep them in ponds for this reason. Ponds allow hobbyists to house a higher volume of Goldfish as they need so much space per fish.


When Shubukin mature, males will develop breeding tubercles on their gills. Females, when viewed from above, have wider bodies than males. Their plumper bodies are also more noticeable around breeding periods. If Shubukins are in their ideal breeding conditions, colder waters, they can be easier to breed than other Goldfish breeds. Fill their tank or pond with fine-leafed plants, spawning mops or smooth rocks to give the eggs something to stick on. Males will start chasing females around in spring. When the female is ready, she will lay thousands of eggs, and then the male will fertilize them. You will have to separate the eggs from the mature fish, or they will become a snack.

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Donna McKay
Pretty Shubukins

Hi, Thanks for my fish [ Shubunkins, I purchased 7 in total all arrived happy and healthy and doing great . Thanks again look forward to future purchases, Donna.

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