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Internal filters sit inside your aquarium, they contain sponge and charcoal, but you also have the option to fill with noodles and other filter media. Great for removing excess dirt or additional filtration when you have large fish that are starting to outgrow their current home. Attaching airline to the outlet of the filter will draw air in creating a stream of bubbles from the filter.

Comes with media
Flow rate is not adjustable.


Pro200: Aquarium Size up to 20L

Pro400: Aquarium Size up to 40L

Pro700: Aquarium Size up to 70L

Pro1000: Aquarium Size up to 100L

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works but meh

I went with this (pro 700) instead of the other options due to having reviews. I wish it came with a spray bar, the flow is too strong for the fish that i have so i've had to modify it to adjust the flow otherwise my fish get blown around...

Melissa windley
Amazing service

Very happy customer, fast delivery.
Received wrong item, but a very fast exchange with no hassle.
Very happy

Kathy Davis
Nice compact filter

I like this one, it's easy to clean, not bulky, and has a good flow.
Not hard to put together too. It's in a 140 litre tank and is doing a great job

Great for the price

Avoid the Hailea, grab a tank maid instead.

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