Tetra Fun Tips Tablets 20 tablets

Tetra Fun Tips Tablets 20 tablets

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Tetra Fun Tips combine a good selection of food and creating a feeding zone which allows you to view your fish eating. These tablets stick to the front glass for your fish to feed from.

Biologically balanced adhesive food tabletsTwo-coloured food tablets for colour vibrancy and vitalityHealthy feeding fun and exciting diversityStick to the aquarium glass

With their biologically balanced ingredients, Tetra FunTips Tablets are ideal treats for all tropical fish.
The two-coloured adhesive food tablets provide your fish with twice the dietary benefits:
The orange side is made from shrimps and carotenoids, ingredients that help enhance the colours of the fish to make them more vibrant, while the green part contains several natural ingredients as well as premium fats and oils that are essential for healthy and vital fish.

The FunTips Tablets include animal constituents such as daphnia, krill and shrimps, which make up over 20 percent of the overall ingredients.
However, the adhesive tablets are also made from plant ingredients, including several types of algae.
herefore Tetra FunTips Tablets are made up of 42 percent protein and eight percent fat.
The adhesive food tablets are more than just a healthy treat for your fish to snack on.

Customer Reviews

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Stevony Burt
Nice and easy

Fish really enjoy these nice and easy to stick on the glass to watch them eating as well

Kathy M.
Tetra Fun Tips not as much fun!

they are ok i had a bit of trouble sticking them on but soon worked out its best to stick them on one side only. my fish haven't been that keen on them so dont think i will purchase them again. :)

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