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3 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Tropical Fish Happy And Healthy

There are many ways to enjoy fish keeping. In this article, we want to look at what are the three most important (and easy) things we can do that will help us provide a healthy home for our fish and, ultimately, enjoy keeping our fish happy.

The three most important things that get the best out of your fish are food, water and giving them what they want. It's literally as simple as that.

When it comes to feeding, variety is essential. There are all sorts of foods, brands, types and styles. We all know this, but what's more important is the quality of the actual food itself. Ideally, You want to avoid food with potatoes, starches, corn, and wheat. If any of this is listed in the ingredients, stay away. Instead, look for ingredients such as insects, algae, krill and foods that include whole organisms like mysis shrimp etc. Your fish are consuming this in the wild, so we want to try and replicate that as much as possible.

If buying products straight off the shelf, we must remember that not all products are identical. Some manufacturers produce large amounts of food in the market and work hard to make them sound perfect. In contrast, others do the job without telling everybody about it.

An even better option to pre-prepared fish food is frozen foods. Generally speaking, they are entire insects or Crustaceans.
Very similar to what your fish eat in the wild and perfect for them. Why is this food the most fantastic option you can get? You're feeding your fish precisely what they're finding in the wild. These Crustaceans and little bugs will absolutely get the best out of them. If you're providing them live food regularly, they will love you for it. I promise.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your fish in tip-Top condition and absolutely stunning. Let's talk about water changes. It's super simple. Water comes out, and then new water comes back in again.
In most cases, it will give your fish that absolute bump you need to keep them in a prime condition.
There's an element of people that say you don't ever need to do water changes and get everything in an entire ecosystem and balance. While there is an element of truth to that when you begin to do water changes regularly,  they will  absolutely thrive. The colours come through, natural behaviours are displayed, and growth increases. Pencil FishThere really is no substitute for doing water changes. A simple water change does not have to be complicated. They do not have to take up all your time either. They can be straightforward. Water out - water back in. It's as simple as that, but your fish will absolutely love you for it.
It's no different from picking up the Poo at home or for your dog. It's no different from having to clean up your kitty litter box.
Except for one thing, those animals get to walk away from all the mess.
Your fish are stuck in an enclosed ecosystem. Do your water changes. They'll absolutely love you for it.Gravel Vacuum for aquarium cleaning

Last but not least, and also a really simple one, is to give your fish
what they want. If they prefer to be in groups, then keep them in groups. Don't just keep them in ones and twos. The same applies if they choose to have lots of vertical swimming space. Provide an excellent high aquarium. If they want horizontal swimming space, give them a long tank. Give your fish what they want, and they will absolutely love you for it.

Let's use Platties as an example. The Platty doesn't need to be in a group because it's not shoaling fish. So you can keep Platties by themselves. However, they are very social fish. The more of them you keep in a group, the happier they become. The more they frolic and the more out and
about they are. They become more content and more comfortable.

If your fish want tannin Rich acidic water with lots of wood and leaves, look at how they behave. Fish become more content and happy.Catappa leaves for aquarium use
If they want hard water with high pH, like African cichlids, give them
that, and they'll respond better. Or keep them in a school of six of the same type. But, if you keep them in a group of ten
or group of 20 or more, they respond so much better you're
giving them what they need.
When they feel comfortable or happy, we get their natural behaviours out.
Personally believe that "getting them in a group of six" was just a salesboy tactic from back in the day to get people to buy more. The reality is a lot of these shoaling and schooling species want to be in far more significant numbers. If you can fit in six shoaling fish, you can also do 15 of them, so why not give it a go and see how they react. I assure you it'll be positive.
So there you go, fish Keepers, three (maybe a little more) simple tips that'll make you and your fish much happier. You will get the best colour out of them, the best vibrancy, and the most activity. You're going to make them comfortable. You're going to make them happy, and
you're going to enjoy your experience more. It's straightforward. Good food and good water and give them what they need. It's
a job done. It's that simple.

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