Are you available for aquarium consultations?

Yes we are. We are happy to come around to your home or business to do a consult on your aquarium. We work on freshwater and saltwater aquariums both tropical and cold water. Our basic consulting charge is $35 per hour, minimum charge of 1 hour, this will gain you verbal recommendations and advice. For a full written report we charge $120, this includes information about feeding, pH requirements, reports on your water parameters and more.

Do you do aquarium services?

Yes we do aquarium servicing. From our experience, most aquariums can be maintained in one hour, we recommended to all our clients for us to come in once a week, but this is not always viable, so we also offer fortnightly and monthly visits. We have found that most first off services take 2 hours on average, as often the aquariums we are working on have been well neglected and need more work at a start.

Our services include water changes, water tests, disease diagnosis,  algae scrubbing, Aquascaping if required, cleaning the outside of glass, cleaning filters as required.  Sorry we do not take on pond work.

What days do you send freight?

For our dry goods we send your orders 5 days a week Monday through Friday. Normally these are sent the day after payment is noted, however sometimes we manage to get them out to you the day the purchase is made.

Our live plants are ordered in fresh each Sunday from the prior weeks sales.  They will normally arrive with us on a Wednesday and then be packed and  processed that night for a Thursday dispatch. 9 times out of 10 they will arrive on Friday.

 My fish seem to be acting funny, what is wrong with them

This is a question we get asked a lot. First we need to know what funny is. Are they at the top gasping? Are they on the bottom not moving? Are their fins clamped? Are they eating? What is your water parameters? When was your last water change?