Do you send livestock?

Yes. We send live fish on a weekly basis.

For the North Island is costs $35

For the South Island it costs $45

We also allow picks up from our Napier based facility.

Please read our livestock refunds policy here: https://thefishroom.co.nz/pages/livestock-policies

How do you send live fish?

As soon as we know that we have some fish being sent we do not feed them for 24 hours prior to leaving and we make sure we do a water change the afternoon before they leave. The reason behind this is because we don’t want the fish traveling on a full stomach and possibly pooping in the bag, fouling the water.  We do a water change the day before, to make sure the water is as clean as possible for your new wet pet in transit.

We like our fish leaving us as late as possible so we book our courier to do their pick up at 5pm. Around 3.30pm we begin our process for transit. First we catch your wet pet, we then put them in a bag and seal it with a rubber band adding oxygen as we do. We then tape the corners of the bag so your new pet will not get stuck in the corner. From there, we add a second bag, this gives a piece of mind if your fish spikes the first bag, it has a second one for just in case. We put the bag in a appropriate sized poly box, with a 72 hour heat pack and some newspaper so it doesn’t move around. We then loosely tape the lid on top, add all the address stickers, out yellow sent by The Fish Room and keep warm tropical fish stickers and then re ring the couriers to confirm they are tracking properly to pick up on time.

How long does freight take for fish?

Or courier company aims to get your fish to you by the early afternoon. Sometimes they get them to you before then, unfortunately sometimes they do not arrive until later. We will always provide you with a tracking number so you can see where your fish currently are. We also encourage depot pick up, this is where the box stays in the depot when it arrives at y0ur local courier shop and you come in to collect them yourself. If you want depot pick up, please let us know before the day we send your fish.

Where do you get your fish from?

Just like many of you, we are hobbyists and we love breeding fish, however this is not completely viable in a commercial setting. So we breed the fish we can, when we can and then we use several registered importers for our other livestock. We also have lots of good connections from other reputable hobby breeders in NZ so when we can we like to support the hobby by buying from them as well. This often gives us a competitive edge on what fish we can carry compared to some other retailers.

Are you available for aquarium consultations?

Yes we are. We are happy to come around to your home or business to do a consult on your aquarium. We work on freshwater and saltwater aquariums both tropical and cold water. Our basic consulting charge is $35 per hour, minimum charge of 1 hour, this will gain you verbal recommendations and advice. For a full written report we charge $120, this includes information about feeding, pH requirements, reports on your water parameters and more.

Do you do aquarium services?

Yes we do aquarium servicing. From our experience, most aquariums can be maintained in one hour, we recommended to all our clients for us to come in once a week, but this is not always viable, so we also offer fortnightly and monthly visits. We have found that most first off services take 2 hours on average, as often the aquariums we are working on have been well neglected and need more work at a start.

Our services include water changes, water tests, disease diagnosis,  algae scrubbing, Aquascaping if required, cleaning the outside of glass, cleaning filters as required. We charge $35 per hour minimum 1 hour. Sorry we do not take on pond work.

What days do you send freight?

For our dry goods we send your orders 5 days a week Monday through Friday. Normally these are sent the day after payment is noted, however sometimes we manage t get them out to you the day the purchase is made.

For live plants we only send Monday through Thursday so that they do not get left in transit for the weekend.

For live fish we only Send Tuesday and Wednesdays. If there is ever an issue this gives us ample time to rectify it before couriers close for the weekend. All tracking numbers will be provided via email to the customer the day they are logged to leave us

Do you have a DOA policy for live fish?

Yes we do.


My fish seem to be acting funny, what is wrong with them?

This is a question we get asked a lot. First we need to know what funny is. Are they at the top gasping? Are they on the bottom not moving? Are their fins clamped? Are they eating? What is your water parameters? When was your last water change?