About us

The Fish Room in an online aquarium experience for hobbyists, run by hobbyists.The owner (Cam) has been keeping aquariums for a decade or so. In that time he has experimented with various type of aquariums including African Cichlid, planted aquariums, high tech planted discus tanks, blackwater aquariums with fancy plecos, saltwater reef tanks and nano aquariums. Cam has a particular soft spot for African cichlids, fancy plecos and blackwater aquariums and plants species like Anubias, Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne and is always happy to talk fish with other fellow fish geeks.

Our number one goal at The Fish Room is to build the aquarium hobby. In order to do this, it means taking risks and doing things that have not been done before here in New Zealand.

We release a weekly YouTube video each Friday with tips, tricks and help to do with the aquarium hobby. You will also find a weekly blog right here on our website every Thursday with tropical fish and aquarium plant profiles, guides and helpful hints for everyone from beginner hobbyists through to advanced aquarium keepers. We run regular competitions on our Facebook page as well as sharing inspiring aquarium content from around the world. We regularly update our Instagram with stunning aquarium photos so you have a view to enjoy everyday.

We have strong industry knowledge and if we don't know something we have the resources to find the answer for you. We can also help when things are going wrong for you, disease and sick fish, water quality issues and tank crashes, dying plants and more we have a solution and plan of action available for most things. Being a virtual aquatic store you get the benefits of great customer service and advice, just as you would at a local fish store, but you can do this 24 hours a day 7 days a week via email or any of our social media platforms all of this as well as all the benefits of shopping online in the comfort of your home.

We strive to give our customers the best possible experience they can get while shopping with us. We strive to have all of our orders processed and dispatched within 12 hours of them being purchased from our website. This excludes live plants which we order fresh at the start of the week to ensure you get the healthiest plants possible.

We know that to grow the tropical fish hobby we need to grow the community as well, so we have set up our own community page on Facebook "Aquarium Frenzy" designed for general aquarium chat, banter, photo sharing as well as question and answer posts.

Green Terror Cichlid

German Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid