Bleeding Heart Tetras, the St Valentines Day love fish

Bleeding heart Tetra Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma


Today is St. Valentines Day and what better day to share some details on a little fish called the Bleeding heart Tetra. A small fish from Peru and Brazil with a little red marking that resembles a heart. However, despite what its name may suggest, they have completely normal hearts. They do, however, have lots of charm and have captured the hearts of many fishkeepers since becoming available in the hobby in 1943. The Bleeding Heart Tetra can be found on the border between Peru and Brazil. They commonly live in waterways filled with fallen tree branches, leaves and tannic acid, turning the water a dark, tea-like colour with a soft sandy substrate. Such an environment is easy to replicate in the home aquarium and when done correctly, can look amazing and natural.

Bleeding Heart Tetra

Much like other Tetra species, the Bleeding heart Tetra are best kept in groups of 8-10 upwards. Being naturally shoaling fish, they will thrive when kept in groups and often display more colour, become more active and exhibit behaviour that would otherwise be reserved for the wild. One of the nicest features of these fish by far has to be the black and white markings on their fins. When observing a group of them all swimming together, the striking black and white movement of the fins is a sight to behold. Even better in a blackwater aquarium. The perfect setup should have plants, sand, wood and not a lot of flow. Provide all these elements and you're absolutely in for a treat.

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