Cherry Barb- don't let the name barb scare you away

barb fish tropical fish

The Cherry Barb fish represents yet another wonderful example of sexual dimorphism in the aquatic world, with the male  exhibiting a stunning bright cherry red colour when in ideal conditions and during spawning, and the female of the species being a more dull lighter brown.

They prefer a well planted aquarium with rocks, plants and driftwood, but also enjoy having plenty of space to swim. They can become quite shy and skittish so housing them with similar temperament fish is ideal. Because they are a natural schooling species, keeping them in bigger groups is ideal as this will also help to bring out the red colours in the males, particularly when there are other males to show off to. It also pays to be mindful that adult Cherry Barbs reach approximately 4-5cm in length when fully grown.

Unlike most barbs that can be nippy and aggressive, cherry barbs are the opposite, being very peaceful and suitable for most community aquarium set ups.

The water flow in the tank should be similar to that of a river or stream, but not too boisterous. Cherry Barbs will eat most prepared food offered to them, but love small live food and frozen food pre spawning.

The best water conditions are 24 - 26°C with a pH around 6.5 - 7.5

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