International Womans Day, In the aquarium world

Today is International Womens Day. We felt this is a good day to celebrate the absolute warrior, the fierce mother and gorgeous female that is the Pelvicachromis pulcher female fish. 


Anyone who has ever bred Kribensis will know that there are mnot many female fish that can compair to these ones. 


So, we want to ask all our women Fish Room Family members which female fish species they think deserve some recognition, and why?

*Interesting fact. Fishkeeping may be a male dominated community today but if it were not for the likes of Mary Kingsley, who risked her life, here reputation and so much more to explore Africa and study many of the freshwater fishes, our hobby could be very different.

Mary Kingsley, dispite the difficulties of the times, sucessfully collected and transported 60 species back to the UK and contributed hugely to what would become the hobby we all love to this day.

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