Sera Catfish Chips Review

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Well it came the time to open up a new container of food for the plecos and snails. The decision was made to try Sera Catfish Chips. The reason we chose this product was simple, it was the one on the shelf that we had not tried before and we had the most stock of.
As I opened the lid I was a little disheartened, as the chips resembles another product that we have tried and didn't like.

Sera Catfish Chips
However, looks can be deceiving.
Too the nose, these smell very fishy, not like rotten rank fish, but fresh and lively fish, which makes sense as the product contains fish oil. I assume that the fish oil is used as an enticing agent for the fish to eat it, because they went crazy for this first time round! Within seconds the mollies and swordtails were going to town on the chips and not long after the BN went for it as well. The container claims that these chips will not break up in the water, and the claim is correct as they kept their shape the entire time. Another positive was how fast these sunk, it frustrates me when pleco food doesn't drop pretty much straight away.
Looking at the ingredient list, I have to question why Sera have added milk powder to this product. That seems a little odd to me, however the bulk of the ingredients are look great, willow bark, alder cones, stinging nettle, algae, paprika, spinach, green-lipped mussel, carrots and garlic all get two thumbs up from me.
The day after feeding there was no obvious lingering signs that this product had been feed out. No odours, discolouration to the water or excess fish waste, all positive things.
I would have liked to have seen the chips themselves be a little bit thicker, however they do them in XL, which are much bigger, so that is covered in a different product.
For $22.99 for 95g of food, they are relatively well priced and valued, for what I would consider a higher end, midrange German made product.
Overall, I am pretty happy with these, and as long as the new fish we try them on continue to eat them, they will likely go into our rotation of foods we feed in the shop.
Smell 4 fins from 5
Taste 4.5 fins from 5
Value 4 fins fron 5
Container Claims 4 fins from 5
Overall 16.5 fins from 20.

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