Why you can buy your fish with confidence from The Fish Room.

Our vision with our fish is to be selling the healthiest, colourfulest (is that a word?) and the most vibrant fish in NZ. Over a lot of research and brainstorming we have come up with a very definitive plan for us to achieve this.

It starts as soon as the fish arrive with us, as soon as they come in the door, we put them in a Potassium Permanganate bath before they get into our holding tanks. The next day we are add a dose of Flubendazole to the incoming fish. We then keep all new fish in managed isolation for a minimum of 2 weeks, where we ensure they are feeding, acting normal and have stabilized from their journey into us. If we note anything out of the ordinary or pick up on any diseases we will treat it accordingly and the entire tank of fish will be held back from sale until we are happy that all of the fish in the aquarium are at full health- we have no time line for this, nothing will be for sale until we are happy it is healthy.  Penguin Tetra

Before we pack your fish for the journey into your home we will not feed them for two days before they leaves us and we will conduct a water change the day before they leave, this helps keeps the waste too a minimum in the bag while they are in transit. When we pack your new fish, we add a drop of Methylene Blue to the bag, so do not be surprised if your bag has a tinge of blue in the water, the Methylene Blue help the fish take on oxygen for it's journey, we then fill the rest of the bag with pure oxygen.  

If this wasn't enough to make you feel comfortable with ordering fish online, we also offer an arrive alive promise. If your new wet pets don't make the journey for any reason, we will refund you your money for them (shipping charge excluded). 

Pencil Fish

As a final note, although we are going through a lot of hard work, effort and time to make sure your fish are vibrant and healthy, mistakes may still be made and things could be missed as we are only human. Because of this we strongly encourage you to put your new fish into a isolation aquarium for a couple of weeks from when you get them, it pays to be safe than sorry. 

Have a good one and happy fish keeping. 

Check out our live fish here 

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