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Anubias Barteri var. barteri

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Suitable for aquariums. Emersed in terrariums and paludariums environments. It will attach itself on wood and rocks.

Anubias Barteri is native to rainforest streams in West Africa. This undemanding species is one of the easiest aquarium plants to grow. It enjoys dimly lit tanks and thrives without the need for CO2 fertilisation. When planted, keep rhizome above the substrate as the roots will otherwise tend to rot. Tanks with big cichlids and plant-eating fish are great to pair with this plant. Herbivorous fish do not eat this plants tough and robust leaves. Anubias Nana is grown in the same conditions, but the Barteri becomes larger, 24 - 45cm (9 - 17 inches) in height. Visible roots 10 - 15cm (4 - 6 inches) in length. But, this plant can vary in size and leaf shape; the leaves are coarse, green ovals. It will tolerate strong lighting but, planting in shady spots prevents dreaded algae growth.


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Customer Reviews

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Oliver Raikes
good plant

lovely plant, very healthy and quick delivery.

Pearl Piper
Good as good!

A lovely little plant..happily growing on mr bristle noses wood

All bad

Due to your website fault (that you don’t accept), plant came almost dry after 6 days, squashed and with broken leaves (2 fallen off and remaining 2 broken on few places). Total disappointment and waste of my time, money and nerves…I will not buy anything from you again.

Stephen penhey

a lovely plant with a nice broad leaf on it and a nice healthy shade of green complements the aquarium well.

Giant Anubias!

I love this plant! I have already had shoots grow out and I haven’t had it for very long. Very healthy. I got two rhizomes sent for one order because they were sparse alone but I’m very happy!

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