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Aqua One Maxi Power Head Range

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Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums
Completely submersible
Variable flow control (except models 105/106)
Quiet and efficient


Maxi 101
Aquarium size 100L
Flow Rate 400LPH
Power Use 6W
Head Height Max 


Maxi 102 

Aquarium Size 125L

Flow Rate 500LPH

Power Use 8w
Head Height Max 1.05MAquarium Size 125L

Maxi 103 

Aquarium Size 300L

Flow Rate 1200 LPH

Power Use 15 W

Head Height Max 1.05M

Head Height Max 1.2M

 Maxi 104 

Aquarium Size 500L

Flow Rate 2000 LPH

Power Use 30W

Head Height Max 2M

Maxi 105

Aquarium Size 625L

Flow Rate 2200LPH 

Power Use 45W

Head Height Max 2.5M

Maxi 106 

Aquarium Size 750L 

Flow Rate 3200LHP

Power Use 80W

Head Height Max 3.5M

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