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Blue Planet Snail Rid has been designed to specifically attack snails in freshwater aquariums. Snails will eat plants which cause problems for the enthusiast; however in large amounts snails create havoc to water quality. In some instances snails can degrade the entire eco-system of the aquarium. Snail Rid will kill all snail types; ensure no wanted snails are in the water. Snail Rid is toxic to fish in soft water conditions, it is not recommended as a product to use in these conditions, test and adjust water prior to using the product.

Many species of freshwater snails are commonly introduced into aquariums with plant life and can rapidly build up in numbers. Rinsing all new plants in running water before adding to the aquarium is recommended to prevent re-infestation. Also sitting plants in a diluted solution of snail rid overnight will ensure eggs and small snails are not introduced.


1ml per 4 Liters
5ml per 20 Liters
Repeat after 3 Days
Carbonate Hardness should be above 50ppm
Remove Carbon and absorbing media before use

Customer Reviews

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Glenn Flewellen
2 stars as I can't get it to work

Im doing something wrong, overdosing but nothing no snails appear to be dieing... Does co2 interfere with the chemical...?

Stephen penhey
a bit worryed

this stuff can kill your fish if you overdose them, I have 1100 letters so I should have put it in two bottles but I just put in one and watched the fish carefully, and to my amazement, all the snails fall off the glass and plant within two hours advice read the instruction carefully

James Davidson
Worked pretty well

Worked pretty well, had to do a couple of doses spreadnout over a few weeks to get the stragglers, but overall it was effective.

Andrew Best
Using at a very low dose

Small snails in the tank are a pain in the gravel! However, the warnings about soft water use really put me off using the product. Implications are that it could kill all the fish in the tank if the water in your area is very soft. I ended up using a very, very low dose and will repeat after about 3 weeks if the snail population rises up again. If you have hard water in your area this would be easy to use. Amazing how many dead snails lie in the gravel afterwards on doing a routine gravel suction clean.

Gav Callaghan
Snail rid

To scared too use it, As my water is soft.
My bad as i didnt read read the information before i purchased it

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