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Brasiliensis Chain Sword

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Suitable for aquariums with a need for moderate care. Full light coverage recommended, no shade as it enjoys a full tan.


Native to Brazil, grown emersed and submersed along shores of streams. It tolerates low salt concentration in brackish water. By way of compact growth along rhizome; Chain sword forms low-stature, dense foreground and grass-like lawns. It is common to plant in small bunches/clumps as it has shy tendencies in new tanks. Insert into the substrate using a checkerboard pattern. With a few centimetres separating them so, there are friends nearby. In several months the plant will form foreground carpet. It is capable of invasive growth and will need regular pruning. Use clippings for propagation in other aquariums.


Must have sufficient lighting and CO2 fertilisation. And, thrives with added fertilisation of nitrate, phosphate, potassium and micronutrients.


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