Crypt balansae
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Crypt balansae

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Searching for a way to have the look of a ruffle onion but do not have the room in a small tank? Balansae would be awesome for your aquarium. For beginners to experts, this will be an outstanding addition to your aquarium.


Their ruffled and taller leaves contrast in your planted aquarium nicely. It acts as the centre-piece in a small aquarium or as filler for larger tanks. Crypt Balansae is one of the taller Crypt varieties that we sell. Their leaves reach 20 - 22 cm (8 - 9 inches) in height.


Unlike Crypt Spiralis, Balansae is a little more sensitive and shy. Like most Crypts, it might melt back in your tank (Crypt melt) when you first receive it. Make sure to plant in an established tank. It is a heavy root feeder, so make sure you have some root tabs. Use a suitable substrate with plenty of nutrients.


To ensure you get the best quality plant, we order plants in fresh at the end of each week, for next week delivery. Straight to your door. This way, we assure you receive healthy, vibrant plants. Doing this means we can also lower our prices for you. Please expect delivery to be Thursday of the following week that you ordered