Crypt Cordata
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Crypt Cordata

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One of the eldest known Cryptocoryne, Cordata is a popular aquarium plant.


Found growing in marshy areas and swamps in southern Thailand, peninsular Malaysia. This Crypt, although slow-growing, is relatively undemanding and can reach 20cm (8 inches) in height. Along with wearing its heart on its leaf (as they are shaped more like a heart than round,) their colours are often green with brown or purple veins. Lighting should be low to moderate. Do not underestimate this plants dedication to thriving. It has evolved to grow in shaded streams and ditches in its natural habitat. CO2 supplementation is not necessary, although it is beneficial. To achieve its best size, provide a rich substrate.


But note, once planted, do not move them; they will not like it. They will respond with the famous, Crypt Melt. In a mature aquarium, they usually come back. In one that is new or in flux, it is not likely to survive. But no need to lose sleep over it! Once established, they are very hardy and will live a long life in your aquarium.


Pair with Seachem Advance to help prevent crypt melt.


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