Echinodorus Barthii
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Echinodorus Barthii

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Echinodorus barthii is a popular red cultivar of the Amazon Swordplant. They are a great no-fuss red leaved plant well suited for mid ground positioning. This variety has burgundy red leaves, lime green stems, and pronounced veins. Maintenance is minimal with occasional pruning.

Since wild sword plants are often out of water for part of the year, they rely heavily on root feeding. Nutrient rich fertilizer and CO2 supplementing will bring out the best in this plant. In hard water, the leaves will grow smaller and more narrow. Strong light will encourage darker pigment in the leaves. Swords generally are poor candidates for hobbyists who rescape often as their roots grow far and wide. To keep the size of the plant under control, aggressively trim off older and larger leaves at the base of the plant.

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