Echinodorus Horemanii
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Echinodorus Horemanii

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Echinodorus Horemanii Red is a spectactular variety of sword plant that can add some beautiful colors to your aquarium.  New leaves tend to be completely red like the stem while older leaves turn greener while still retaining red outlines.  Like most swords, they should be planted directly into the substrate.  When using inert substrate such as sand or gravel, it is important to supplement the plants with root tabs as Echinodorus are heavy root feeders.  The plant can be grown both emersed and submerged and often times, new leaves can grow to the top above the water line.   Overall, this plant is easy and undemanding and very suitable for larger tanks.


To ensure you get the best quality plant, we order plants in fresh at the end of each week, for next week delivery. This way we can assure you of fresh, healthy and vibrant plants delivered straight to your door. Doing this means we can also lower our prices for you. Please expect plants to be delivered Thursday of the following week that you ordered.