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Lemna is a genus of free-floating aquatic plants referred to by the common name "duckweed." They are morphologically divergent members of the arum family.

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Vance Moyes
Good plant

I love the way duckweed looks and acts as part of the ecosystem in my tank, but my fish also love it! I can't seem to stop buying it when my fish eat it all...

Melissa Palmer

Great service frogs love it and to top it off free delivery

Emily Longhurst

Great! A lot smaller than expected, leaves smaller than a pin head. Thought they’d be the size of my pinky nail but oh well. Picture makes them look bigger maybe the website can add a picture from further back

Joy Brown

Grows really quick and my duck and chickens love it!!! Very high inmorotein too, Thanks you

marilee habenicht
Duckweed: a necessary evil

Duckweed is incredibly easy and requires virtually no work but if you have it in an aquarium and are sticking your arm or other tools in your tank the duckweed will get stuck to you so have a drink before doing aquarium maintenance. Just shimmy your arm as you remove it from the water and don't worry about a few little leaves because it grows fast and you'll need to throw some out eventually.
I am using duckweed in 2 tanks for 2 different purposes. Platies love it for a snack and shelter and the for the axolotls to displace light and reduce stress in their planted tank. It grows faster in the warmer tanks so the platy tank is also my culture tank.
If you use it for your aquarium just make sure to rinse it first as ours came with many tiny detritus worms (don't harm fish, but can over breed).

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