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Lindernia rotundifolia

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As an aquarium plant, Lindenia Rotundifolia is not demanding, but, needs a well-lit place in your tank.


It is a small, amphibious plant, from the tropics of Africa, Asia, and parts of the Americas. In its terrestrial stage, it develops blue-white flowers and small capsules with many seeds.


Underwater the stems grow upright with few branches. With its small, roundish, spritely green leaves, long internodes and thin, upright stems. This Lindernia provides a pleasing contrast to plants with different texture and colouration. It works well as a group in the midground and is also suitable for nano tanks.


It grows fast, and as well as other stem plants, it is easy to propagate by stem cuttings or self-seeding. It grows with vigour in emersed environments.


To ensure you get the best quality plant, we order plants in fresh at the end of each week, for next week delivery. Straight to your door. This way, we assure you receive healthy, vibrant plants. Doing this means we can also lower our prices for you. Please expect delivery to be Thursday of the following week that you ordered.

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