Ludwigia arcuata
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Ludwigia arcuata

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This miniature Ludwigia species is perfect for even the smallest aquarium and will display striking bright red coloration with proper care!

Needle Leaf Ludwigia (Ludwigia arcuata) is a very attractive Ludwigia species whose small size and beautiful red coloration make it a highlight of the planted aquarium.  Its narrow, pointed leaves are very unique among other Ludwigia species and give it a very elegant, delicate appearance.  Like many of its close relatives, it is relatively hardy, undemanding, and can thrive in a variety of water parameters.

Care for Needle Leaf Ludwigia is identical to most other similar stem plants.  It is best placed in the middle ground and will look its best under moderate to high lighting.  It grows at a moderate rate with good maintenance and care.  Like many plants, this plant will respond significantly to CO2 supplementation and high lighting, although these things are not required for Needle Leaf Ludwigia to thrive.  It can be planted in the substrate and stems of excessive length can be trimmed, then the cuttings can be replanted to increase the bunch.


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