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Oxygen Weed - Elodea Canadensis

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Elodea Canadensis is the only Oxygen Weed legally sold. Suited to ponds and larger tanks as they are easy to grow and can reach great heights for an aquatic plant.


Native to North America but has spread across the globe. It’s home in ponds, canals and some slow-flowing rivers. Reaching heights of a few metres is an easy feat for them, anywhere from 3 – 6 m. Make sure to prune regularly, so Elodea doesn’t take over your tank! Leaves are bright green, oblong and 6 – 17 mm long and grow along brittle stems. Small white flowers will bloom and sit on the surface of the water. They need moderate to high light, summer temperatures, but can tolerate water temperatures of up to 28 C. Propagate through cuttings.


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