Blue Hygrophila

Our Plant of the Month for July is 'Hygrophila salcifolia'. A delicate aquarium plant with leaves that develop a slight blue tint to them. Although tender leafed and not advised for aquariums with larger and more boisterous fish, it is pretty easy to care for.

As Blue Hygrophila matures, the leaves develop a blue tint and provide fantastic foliage. As a stem plant, it is suitable for the background of an aquarium and easy to maintain. It is also hardy (so long as you have no tough guys in your tank.)

It can thrive in low-tech setups but will look best under moderate to high lighting. Ideally, aquarium water temperature should be in the range of 75° - 82° F (22° - 25° C) for optimum growth.

Like other stem plants, Blue hygrophila can be pruned, and the trimmings can be replanted to help create bushy and dense displays.

If allowed to grow above water, it will often flower. Like most plants, Blue Hygrophila will enjoy supplementation. Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, nitrogen, and other plant supplements are suitable.

The Blue Hygrophila is in stock now and available in various bunches or pots.

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