Diamond Tetra - Moenkhausia pittieri

Moenkhausia pittieri - Diamond Tetra

The Diamond Tetra is one fish that truly does live up to its name. Adults display a sparkling shimmer to their bodies, which looks impressive under the proper lighting. As if that were not enough, mature Diamond Tetra will develop slightly elongated to add to their beauty. With their peaceful nature and sparkling appearance, they make a great choice of schooling fish for any aquarium.

Sadly, almost completely wiped out in the wild, the Diamond Tetra has been losing its natural habitat to development and pollution to the point that they are practically extinct. Today, all Diamond Tetra found in the hobby are commercially bred or produced by local breeders.

These sparkling little Tetra are suitable for almost any community aquarium. They are great in a planted tank alongside Corydoras or even Angelfish, thanks to their peaceful behaviours. Additionally, they will readily consume flake, frozen or live foods with no specific feeding requirements. Just remember that variety is the key. A mixture of smaller live foods such as daphnia and brine shrimp supplemented with a quality granule or flake food will be enough to keep them healthy and active and may even yield some fry in a heavily planted setup.

As an egg-scatterer, the Diamond Tetra show zero parental behaviour. Although some fry can appear in a mature planted aquarium, a dedicated breeder tank will increase the survival rate. Offering live food will condition them, and as long as there is a large grain substrate or mesh to allow the eggs to drop through will protect them from the adult fish eating them.

Diamond Tetra is our 'Fish of the month', and we encourage you to add a little sparkle to your aquarium while stock lasts.

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