Fish of the Month February Silver Tip Tetra

Silvertip Tetra - Hasemania nana
🔹Temperature Range: 23-28℃ (74-84℉)
🔹pH Range: 6.0-8.0
🔹Size: 5cm
This month we celebrate the a little Brazilian beauty. The Silvertip Tetra will be our featured fish of the month and for good reasons. The Silvertip Tetra is one of the best community aquarium Tetras anyone could have. Suitable for both clear and blackwater setups, they look just good in a planted tank as they do a plantless biotope style setup. They are best kept in groups of 6-8 and will shoal together which is rather aesthetic due to the silvery white tips on their fins.
Another reason the Silvertip Tetra is our Fish of the Month, is their diet. They will eat pretty much anything provided with no preference to live, frozen or dry foods. 🤓Although, to provide the best conditions, always feed them a mixture of protein and plant based dry foods while offering live daphnia and brine shrimp as a treat.
The easiest way to achieve successful breeding of the Silvertip Tetra is to use a second, dedicated breeding tank. The breeder aquarium should be low lit with lots of java moss or mess at the bottom. As fertilised eggs are dropped down, they will attach themselves to the moss or fall beneath the mess and away from the parents who will show zero parental care.
Interested in adding some silver tips to you aquarium? Check them out here

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