Plant of the Month Anubias Nana

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Plant of the month  February 2022

Anubias Nana 

Temperature range: 22-28°C

Maximum Size: 7.5 inches

Growth Rate: Slow

Care Level: Easy


Anubias plants are hardy and fairly easy to care for as long as a few simple care requirements are met. As with all other Anubias plants, the most important thing to remember is that it is always best to attach Anubias to a rock or piece of wood. At the base of the plant are rhizomes which are thicker than the roots. These must never be covered in the substrate or they will rot and the plant will die off. For this reason, attach them to a piece of rock or wood. The plant will eventually grow along the surface of the wood and create a nice effect.

The Anubias nana is a slow growing plant. This is good if you are running what is called a low energy planted tank. Slow moving plants do not require high powered lights or CO2 (however, providing injected CO2 does have benefits which we will cover later).

Anubias Nana

When deciding on a position for your Anubias nana, consider the water flow within your aquarium. It is important to ensure there is adequate flow hitting the leaves of the plant to prevent unwanted debris from settling on the surface of the leaves. If left, this can lead to algae forming at the edges.

As your plant begins to grow and requires trimming, you can simply use sharp scissors cut through the rhizome. This can then be attached to another area as a new plant.

Anubias nana provides a nice texture and colour to any planted tank and will look great once it grows along the surface of your hardscape.

Interested in keeping some anubias in your home aquarium? Check it out here 

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