How my aquatic journey begun

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As a part of my desire to learn more about you guys I thought I would share the story on how I got in to the aquarium hobby and I hope that you will share your entry in to the hobby with me.

About 10 or so years ago I received a phone call from a good friend of mine who was holidaying down in Dunedin.  He asked me if I wanted a turtle as he was recusing one from some neglectful owner.  He told me all I needed was something to have it live in. I thought to myself, how sweet of a deal is this, a new exotic pet- I was in!

I got my new  red ear slider turtle (Raphael , original huh?) about a week later.  His tank was set up, with a new filter and heater and I was stoked. A few days after my mate brought round a couple of Kribensis that he had breed for live food for Raphael, luckily for them Raphael had been so neglected he had no interest in the fish. 

From there I thought to myself it wasn't fair to have these Kribs in with a natural predator regardless if he was interested in them or not. Soon to TradeMe I went and I bought my self a second hand Aqua one 620t which had super sweet blue lights. So in the tank (uncycled, rookie mistake) went my Kribs.  And this was the making of my first aquarium.
From here believe it or not I got given some more fish.  I had a neighbor ring and ask if my new aquarium was tropical or not as they had bought some guppies from their  cold water tank and the LFS did not inform them that guppies needed to be in a heated aquarium, so I got a handful of guppies and put them in with my kribs and with that my first and only (from memory) community aquarium was born.

This was clearly just the start of my journey and at some point I will add some more to my aquarium story for you all, but for now this will do

Like I said before, I would love to hear how you got into aquarium keeping with your story down in the comments.

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