The way my hobby was formed.

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This is part two of the series of me telling my  aquarium keeping story to you and hopefully you sharing your stories with me.
Today I would like to tell you about my first real interest when it comes to aquariums and types of fish.
The reason I have put aquariums and types of fish in to one story is that they went hand and hand for me. As I am sure many of us have done when we first start out we were eager to give everything a go. Every waking hour I was looking at fish online, reading forums (mainly the FNZAS one) and searching TradeMe for deals on aquariums and fish.Within a couple of months I had a dozen aquariums tucked around my house with all sorts of fish in them, but the fish that were taking my interest the most were African Cichlids and in particular ones from Lake Malawi.
I had ps.demasoni, electric yellows, cobalt blues,kenyi, snow whites and one of my all time favorites bumblebees, just to name a few.

Very quickly it was apparent to me that I needed to keep these animals in an appropriate sized aquarium due to their nature and overall size they got and luckily enough for me I scored my first "big" aquarium not long after I started looking. It was 1500x700x700 made from 12mm glass and it came with a stand and an Aqua One CF2400 filter, I scored it for $500- I had hit the jackpot!  That was the moment that I feel in love with big aquariums (little did I know it wasn't actually that big, but it was a giant to me at the time)

Once I got it home I filled it up with water, set up the filter got it up to temperature and threw all of my African Cichlids in to it in one go (missing out a cycle yet again, tut tut not a good practice). but it was missing something, off to my LFS I went and I bought a stack of plastic plants. I dropped them in and my master piece was completed! I was in love with it and I was so proud of what i had created.

I kept this tank running this way for 8 months or so before I moved on to a different style of fish, big nasty American Cichlids (but that is a story for another day) but my love for African cichlids stayed strong as I have had them many times since and still long to keep them and breed them still to this day.

If you have a story you would like to share with me about your journey of discovering your favorite fish or aquarium size please feel free to do so by replying below

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