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Repashy: A Fish Food Revolution Worthy of Applause

The world of aquarium enthusiasts is abuzz with the name Repashy. The brand has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and, most importantly, happy and healthy fish. Recently crowned 'Best Fish Food' in the TFR Aquarium Awards, Repashy is a testament to aquatic nutrition excellence. Let's dive into what makes this product a true game-changer.


A Deeper Look at Repashy

Repashy is unparalleled when it comes to ingredients and nutritional content. The product line boasts all-natural ingredients, with each formula carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of different tropical fish species. From the Repashy SuperGold, designed for cold water fish like goldfish and koi, to the Repashy Community Plus, a versatile feed for various tropical fish, there's a Repashy food for every finned friend.


The Taste Test

But what good are these nutritious ingredients if our aquatic companions turn up their noses—or gills—at them? Here, too, Repashy shines. The brand offers a range of flavours that seem to be a hit among the fussy eaters of the aquarium world. Whether it's the algae-rich Soilent Green or the meaty carnivore blend, Repashy has managed to crack the code on fish-friendly flavours.


Uniqueness in the Market

One unique characteristic of Repashy is its gel food format. Unlike traditional flake or pellet foods, Repashy is mixed with boiling water and refrigerated to form a nutrient-rich gel. This allows for a more natural feeding experience, mimicking the texture of foods fish eat in the wild and reducing waste—a win for both your fish and your aquarium's cleanliness.


With its recent recognition as 'Best Fish Food' in the TFR Aquarium Awards, Repashy has firmly established itself as a leader in aquatic nutrition. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and variety makes it a stand-out choice for any aquarist. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting your aquarium journey, Repashy offers a feeding experience that you and your fish will love. Dive in and give Repashy a try—your fish will thank you!


Here's a word from Repashy about the recent award.


Repashy has been my favourite fish food for over 8 years, so it was great to hear that it won the "Aquarium Awards - Favourite Food" award. Everyone who voted for Repashy knows that it is a highly nutritious food that is still value for money. 

For those who have yet to hear about Repashy Gels, it uses no artificial food colourings or flavours. Repashy Gels utilize low-temperature gelling agents and do not require a full boil for long periods like gelatin or agar. It requires about 85 degrees C for only a few minutes to induce gel formation. This prevents nutrient degradation, especially compared to the typical high-heat processes of pellet extrusion or hot drum flaking, which produce the high heat/steam required to activate starch and gluten-based binders.

Because the gel agents are plant-based, they do not require refrigeration to set.

Repashy gels are thermo-reversible, meaning if you don't get a firm gel due to insufficient temperature, you can reheat it and set it again.

Water soluble vitamins and nutrients are locked in the gel matrix and remain stable until broken down in the digestive tract, and all formulas contain stabilized vitamin C.

The gel compounds only take up 5% of the product's weight. Typical flake and pellet formulas contain up to 20% binders and often have additional fillers.

Repashy uses only the highest quality, whole-animal ingredients available: black soldier fly larvae, whole fish (e.g. sardine/anchovy), whole squid, and whole krill form the backbone of the fish food except in the vegan formulas, which mainly contain algae (chlorella/spirulina/schizochytrium/kelp) and green plant proteins from green peas and alfalfa leaves.

Repashy Gels use no terrestrial animal proteins.

The gel foods are 100% free of starch or gluten binders and gelatin. NO fish meal, fish oil, terrestrial meat or soy proteins, or binders such as wheat middling, wheat gluten, wheat flour, corn meal, corn starch, other cereal starches, or other industry by-products.

Repashy Gels contain no soy products. Soy contains high levels of trypsin inhibitors (an enzyme necessary to absorb proteins) and isoflavones, which are estrogen-like compounds.

Repashy Gels all contain a combination of more than six high-carotenoid ingredients, providing a full spectrum of carotenoids. Levels range from 250 ppm to over 500 ppm of total carotenoids and are the highest in the industry.

Most fish foods contain ample wheat, corn, or soy to hold the food together and add cheap protein content, but they can cause bloat. And many gel foods contain up to 20% gelatin, an irreversibly hydrolyzed form of collagen, to gel the food.

When the typical label reads 30-50% protein, over half may be collagen or gluten, the most commonly used binder in flake and pellets. Gluten and collagen proteins affect the nutritional analysis and misrepresent the amount of high-quality, bio-available protein in a product. These poorly digestible proteins and starch binders can contribute to water fouling, cause intestinal blockage, prevent the absorption of other nutrients, and promote bloat, all the while costing you money and not feeding your fish.

Repashy Gels will remain stable in water for 24-48 hours, promoting natural grazing compared to the "binge and purge" environment created using feeding with flakes or pellets once or twice a day. Slow feeding permits a naturally slow digestion process, which is impossible when feeding large amounts and allowing the stomach to empty between feedings.

Repashy Gels are a very effective way to orally medicate fish. The gel can be heated to the required temperature, and the medication can be mixed in as it cools before it becomes firm. This reduces temperature damage to medications. The medication will remain locked in the gel. This permits direct intestinal delivery, vastly superior to medicating the water.


Thanks again for your votes and happy fishkeeping. 

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