Fish Science Corydoras Tablet
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Fish Science Corydoras Tablet

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Recreates the natural, insect based diet that most Corydoras and bottom feeding fish would eat in the wild.

Specially formulation rich in insect meal to promote health and easy digestion whilst reducing waste.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable – reduces the use of fish meal which is taken from the sea.

Tablet food which is ideal for bottom feeding fish such as Corydoras and Loaches.

Tablets slowly break down to allow natural feeding behaviour.

Customer Reviews

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Sonya Pickles
Perfect fish morsels

My little fish friends loved these and I love the A1 service that The Fish Room never fail to deliver. Thanks Team.

Hamish Worsley
10/10 will be buying again

Got this specifically for my Gold laser Corydoras, they absolutely love it, normally they are shy and hide when I come close to the tank but shoot out again as soon as the tab hits the bottom and absolutely nail it.
My blue mystery snails always finish it off when the Cory's are full.

Mixed results.

Got the Fish Science Corydoras Tablet especially for my very fussy pygmy corys, but the little sods won't eat it (have tried to get them to accept it over a 3 to 4mth period with little to no success), however my dwarf chain loaches, neon tetra & even betta adore them & my sparkling gourami readily eat them when crushed as they break into a fine powder which seems to be the perfect size for them. I have also used them crushed to raise guppy, sparking gourami & neon tetra fry successfully.
In tablet form they sink well, hold their form well for a tablet designed to disintegrate slowly, but as expected do have a tendency to make a bit of a mess in terms of particulate matter getting kicked into the water with very active feeders such as dwarf chain loaches, however clouding is very minimal to none existent (at least in medium sized tanks of 200L to 300L).
Will I buy them again? Yes, just not for my corys lol.

Della Millar
Fish love it

Got this especially for my corys but all fish love it.
Great product will definitely purchase again
Excellent service

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