Supplier Spotlight- Pleco Ceramics

This month our supplier spotlight zooms in on a family business that was established back in 2010.

Pleco Ceramics originally started with a focus on breeding different Plecos. Nowadays, their Plecos have been shipped worldwide and during this time established a great reputation for the quality of their Plecos. 

It was 2017 when they realised that the aquarium industry was lacking simple yet attractive and functional breeding caves for plecos. This led to the development of a full range of ceramic Pleco caves, tunnels and other specifically designed products to assist in the breeding of all kinds of Plecos in the home aquarium. Using only ecological materials and professional potter bakers they have developed a fantastic range of caves that look great and provide the ideal place for your plecos.

We are proud to stock a huge range of their caves. Why not treat your Pleco to a new home today? Shop Now

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