TFR Brand Spotlight February - Sera


Our brand spotlight for the month of February will be SERA, the brand from Germany with the red and yellow packaging.


Started by Josef Ravnak in 1970, Sera have been developing products for the aquarium industry for over 50 years and you can find their vast knowledge of fishkeeping present in each product they make. From a humble one man operation selling quality live aquarium foods, to a worldwide company selling into more than 80 countries.


Today Sera has over 200 members of staff but still maintains a 'family-run' operation with a life long passion for aquariums right at the heart of everything they do. Thanks to the never-ending development of their products, we are able to access vital solutions for health, feeding, plants, breeding and every other area of our hobby.

Ser Nature Range

Sera are very much engrained in the fabric of fishkeeping and we are proud to offer a wide range of their products here in The Fish Room.

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