Sera Catappa Leaves Range

Sera Catappa Leaves Range

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Tropical almond leaves for natural water conditioning

The sera Catappa Leaves allow conditioning the water as in natural biotopes.

The tropical almond leaves support natural behavior and readiness to spawn in ornamental fish Furthermore they prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Due to their astringent properties, they support the healing process after injuries. Catfish readily accept the tropical almond leaves as additional food.


Leaves will sink within 24 - 48 hours. Tip: They sink immediately and are easier to digest by pouring boiling water over them in advance. Active substances are released within 2 - 3 weeks.

sera Catappa Leaves S

Put one leaf per each 30 l of aquarium water into the tank.

sera Catappa Leaves M

Put one leaf per each 60 l of aquarium water into the tank.

sera Catappa Leaves XXL

Put one leaf per each 100 l of aquarium water into the tank.


Natural product with possible variations in shape, color and size.

Customer Reviews

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Betta loves them

I use these in my betta fishtank. It's only 20 litre tank so I have to cut these in half. He loves them!

Love them

Black water tanks are by far my favourite, so I tend to use a lot of botanicals. These are as advertised & do what they should. I just wish they did bulk packs for those of us with many blackwater tanks as they are on the pricey side for what they are.

Michael Lunjevich
Small you say?

Sera advertises these as small. They may be their smallest sizing but aren't appropriate size to use as is in nano aquariums athletically. Also require more than they recommend to see any results in tank.

Helen Chambers
Catappa leaves, small

Was great to find these here as couldn’t find them in Canterbury. Love the free postage and fast delivery. The water in my betta tank is now a lovely golden colour and the leaves have helped to soften my very hard tap water.

Kim C
Helped heal fish and Easy to use

Got these to help a brand new betta fish (with a slightly ripped fin), the leaves helped provide healing properties as well as softening the water for the little guy. He is all healed up and thriving. Highly recommend them.

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