Repashy Igapo Explorer
Repashy Igapo Explorer
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Repashy Igapo Explorer

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Repashy Igapo Explorer is a gel food made with a blend of ingredients ideal for all rainforest species of fish such as angels, tetras, apistogrammas, corydoras catfish and many more. The first and main ingredient is black soldier fly larvae. They have also included plenty of fruits, nuts, seeds and greens to mimic what would naturally be entering the waterways in the Amazon. Excellent for community or biotope tanks.

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Repashy Igapo

My boesmani rainbow absolutely love this stuff. My neons and danios just ignore it ... Great product!

Sarah Allison
Everyone loves it!

This was a lot easier to make and store than I thought it might be. All my fish love it and even a very shy clown loach will appear when it arrives!

Andrew Grey
Great product

Great product, easy to make up, fish enjoy repashy and been breeding so must be happy, fast delivery from The fish room also, thanks again

carey tait
Can't eat it fast enough

Out of all my fish the swordtail absolutely demolished this stuff , nice and easy to mix and set i used a silicone muffin mold and it came out great

Nathan Dempster

Good all-round food all the fish love it

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